There are many ‘smart’ initiatives across the state of Israel, dealing with various challenging fields like: Energy, Transportation, Environmental protection water & agriculture etc. Israel, known also as the “Start-Up Nation”, is perceived globally for its innovation and creativity. In many Smart City related fields, many cities in Israel have been honored with international awards in this domain.


One of the most notable events took place in 2014 when Tel-Aviv achieved international recognition by winning the first prize in the World Smart Cities Award at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona out of 250 cities.

One of the main contributors to this prestigious reward was a digital revolution named “Digi-Tel” – a digital platform enabling advanced solutions for urban administration and resident’s engagement. 


The Israeli Institute for Smart Cities is comprised of world renowned experts from both the Private and Public sectors. Our team includes of representatives from the academic, technological, industrial, business, legal and municipal arenas.


The most suitable consultants are selected to support new projects, while others continue supporting ongoing projects as a team. Through this method, we allow our clients the flexibility and access to an outstanding group of world-class experts, with unparalleled track records in all aspects of urban smart solutions.


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