Sept 3-7, 2018


Join us to Unveil the Israeli Innovation & Smart Cities Ecosystem.

5 Inspiring Days on September  3-7, 2018

Branded as the “Startup Nation”, Israel has managed to develop in just a few years a fantastic innovation ecosystem. This trip will allow you to discover, share and learn about how they address core needs
with technology, focusing on  the Smart City perspective. 

Come - and be inspired!


Meet in a single trip international urban Innovation players and thousands of international participants, Earn a unique point of view of what’s in and what’s out during our dedicated workshops & events. Pick the ones who count, featuring startups, institutions, policy makers, investors, incubators, universities and networks!

Preliminary program



​“If you’re going to the Middle East to look for oil, you can skip Israel. If you’re looking for brains, look no further. Israel has shown that it has a disproportionate amount of brains and energy” - Warren Buffet, Chairman, Berkshire and Hathaway

“In Israel we find people here are born to believe ‘never give up’. This is what has made Israel a miracle in only 70 years. You don’t have any cars, but you have the best technology for car manufacturing. You don’t have water, you don’t have oil, you don’t have any resources - still you make yourself so strong. In my mind, Israel represents wisdom, innovation, and persistence.” - Jack Ma, Founder and Chairman, Alibaba

“Israeli developments in tech areas like analytics and security are improving the world.  In 1991, some of the Israeli engineers at Microsoft wanted to return home but continue working at Microsoft. We decided to open the center – it was our first one outside the US – and I think the technology they have produced over the years more than justifies our decision.” - Bill Gates, Founder, Microsoft

Tel Aviv is one of the world’s most vibrant tech hubs. That’s why we chose it as the site of our newest development centre. The mission? Take an AI-first approach to empower people to experience the world. To accomplish that, we need the best and the brightest innovating together – and, of course, an environment that cultivates learning. -

Wish to Join?

Single participant for city or regional official:  1,000 €

(included are: conferences/events passes, workshops and presentations, lunches and dinners, transport outside Tel Aviv. Does not include the flight, hotel/breakfast and insurance)

Tell us if you need help with flight and 4 or 5-star hotel reservation from your city.

Prices and program may change without notice.

Corporates & Investors - 1,500 €


Startup companies - 800 €



Registration is easy: email the participants' information to our organizer and pay online via Paypal (credit car payment is also an option in the Paypal website).

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